singer, musician & songwriter


Lia has enjoyed many years of classical singing training as well as jazz, pop and musical singing training. She has been performing on stages large and small for many years, singing musicals, operettas and jazz in various formations. Her singing is based on a brilliant breathing and singing technique with knowledge of belting, jazz, skat and opera. A foundation that enables her to sing with different vocal techniques, depending on her repertoire.

Over the years she has enjoyed passing on her knowledge to children, young people and adults. Lia sang with children from the age of 4 in kindergarten and developed a learning concept for the little ones with funny songs and exercises, with integrated breathing and singing techniques.

For 8 years Lia led the Sing AG for children between the ages of 6 and 12 at the SamS elementary school in Berlin. Adapted to the children's academic development, she expanded the "Sing" learning concept with a lot of enthusiasm and professional competence.

Lia has been singing with her daughter Mariella since early childhood. Mariella is a soloist in the Young Ensemble in Berlin's Friedrichstadtpalast

Lia has been giving individual lessons to young people and adults for many years. It is important to her to adapt to the needs of each individual using fundamental breathing and singing techniques and to discover and shape their body's own voice together. Working together, not against each other, is a sensitive priority for Lia.

It's fun to sing with her, because she trains the body's own voice of her students, from beginners to advanced, with a lot of know-how and empathy.

If you are interested in Lia’s coaching, please contact her via e-mail

Foto: Boris Trenkel