singer, musician & songwriter


Lia sings with passion. Thanks to her diverse vocal training, she can effortlessly move between the genres of Jazz, Soul, Klassik, Pop, Musical, Poetry and Rap . She impresses with her authenticity, vocal power and stage presence. Naturally, freely and courageously, Lia skillfully guides her audience through her musical worlds with humor, thoughtfulness, criticality and cheerfulness. Her rainbow of vocal and musical possibilities is impressive. Lia appears in various formations; whether solo, trio, quartet, big band, or orchestra. She takes her audience on a journey through different cultures, tells stories, sings about worries, love, anger, hope, and opens herself up to her audience with her unique authenticity and charisma.

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Lia Andes singt
Foto: Roland Brecht
Lia steht im langen Kleid vorm Abendhimmel
Foto: Boris Trenkel
Lia singt am Flügel
Foto: Boris Trenkel
Lia live
Foto: Alex Kameratzas