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Sie lebt

Lia Andes

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The double album «Sie lebt» was released on May 29, 2015. Lia Andes sings her own compositions and accompanies herself on the piano.

With the 23 songs she wrote, like a rhapsody, she takes the listener on a journey through different cultures, tells stories and radiates joy and warmth. Her soul-pop music with influences from classical, jazz, hip-hop and world music creates a very personal atmosphere.

In January 2015, one of the tracks from the album, Verstummt ist mein Kummer, has been released as a maxi single download with a bonus track. Her first singer/songwriter double CD was released under her own label bluespirit records. This can be ordered and purchased with a signature from Lia here.

So real

Ganz allein nur Du

Hoch in den Lüften

Come rain come shine

Softer than summer breeze

Verstummt ist mein Kummer

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