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Verstummt ist mein Kummer

Lia Andes

The maxi single «Verstummt ist mein Kummer» (Silenced is my sorrow) is available here, for example:

This maxi single is Lia's first release as a singer-songwriter under her own label Bluespirit Records. On the single there are two versions of Lia's song: "Verstummt ist mein Kummer". The hip-hop classical version with band accompaniment and several voices (all sung by Lia) contrasts with the concert version: voice and piano (played by Lia Andes). It's interesting how differently the songs are presented. While the hip-hop classic version impresses with its versatile vocals and cool groove, the "unplugged" concert version offers a warming closeness and naturalness.

It is precisely this approachability that can be experienced at her live concerts (Piano & Vocal Solo Concert Tour 2015/2016). The single release concert for “Verstummt ist mein Kummer” was on January 29th, 2015 in the Wabe Berlin. Further songs in the concert version have been released at the end of May 2015 on a double CD entitled “Sie lebt” (release concert on May 30, 2015 in Berlin).

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